Massage & Reflexology May Help these Conditions:

Stress Reduction
Improved Circulation
Stimulated Nerve Function
Improved Immune System
Increased Energy
and more...

King Spa for a Reason

King Spa specializes in focusing on old principles that have produced results for thousands of years.  All forms of massage have come from, in one form or another, the Theories of Chinese Medicine. Nowadays, there are over 90 different modalities (types or techniques) of massage that are practiced all over the world. Ancient Chinese warriors experts were not only trying to protecting their villages with their skills in martial arts, but also used their healing skills to help their people as well as healing themselves. 

King Spa massage focuses on working with your mind, body, and soul through your feet or hands which may have longer lasting affects than a typical foot or hand massage. This is why King Spa massage sessions are only performed by the highest trained massage therapists.

About King Spa

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Sooner or later, we all must come to a point in our life that tells us it is TIME to repair all the wrongs we have done to our mind, body, and our soul.  That decision must come from within each of us and when it does, we have taken the first step in a series of "baby steps" in the transformation to achieve a higher self.  Since a change of this magnitude does not happen over night, we must be patient or learn patience.  As we did not got to our current state over night either but it took time and in some cases, many years.  We all need help in that intense transformation. Some help may come from loved ones, or from a close friend, or from.....a perfect massage.

​​​​Massage for a Reason